Reflective Essay


Write a reflection on the knowledge, skills and/or attributes you have gained as a result of your research activities. You can write directly in this space or upload a PDF file of your essay using the ‘file’ block.

What you need to cover:

  • Describe your mindset and attitudes prior to your research involvement.
  • How did participating in these research activities change or shift your way of thinking, behaving, or communicating?
  • Why are your research activities important?
  • How will your research experiences impact you in the future?

Formatting for the essay:

  • 12-point font, double-spaced, no more than 1000 words

What we DO want in the essay:

  • Use the knowledge, skills, attitudes and awareness section for reflection
  • Clearly communicate your learning or shift to us (the committee) by using explicit examples
  • Proofread essay
  • Follow the formatting guidelines that are stated above

What we DON’T want in the essay:

  • We do not want a list of accomplishments
  • We do not want anything exceeding 1000 words
  • Please do not simply repeat events that are evident in the portfolio

Note: All of the above should be replaced with the reflective essay prior to submitting