Evidence of Meeting Standards

Research is a process, so students are asked to demonstrate evidence supporting their engagement throughout their studies. This process normally involves generating a research proposal, engaging in recognized research activities, and sharing results via disciplinary-appropriate forms of knowledge mobilization. Students may submit evidence of research from a single significant research project (e.g., Honors thesis, UREAP project, NSERC USRA, Graduate Exhibition) or from multiple research activities (e.g., class research projects, research assistantships, volunteer research activity with a faculty mentor, etc.). Other relevant experiences may include the Knowledge Makers, Research Apprentice Program, Research Coach Program, Directed Studies, service-learning involving research, capstone projects, and major public performances. 

Research at TRU takes many forms, so evidence that demonstrates students’ ability to understand the research process, evaluate existing research, analyze information, draw conclusions and disseminate new knowledge will vary by discipline. 

All written evidence submitted must be clearly structured in Standard English, with few if any errors, and reference given to appropriate sources such as regulatory, professional, and scholarly works.

It is likely that multiple standards will be met based on a single research project; however, students must provide separate forms of evidence in order to demonstrate they have met the standards, even if they are all from the same experience. 

Here you will provide an explanation, in your own words, of how your undergraduate research experience allowed you to meet these standards! You can add detailed explanations on each criterion by editing the portfolio items below. Alternatively, you can make the standards page your own, delete the portfolio items from below and from the menu and instead provide all of your proof right here, all on one concise page!

Note: Please delete the above or replace the text on this page with all of your evidence for meeting the five standards prior to submitting